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December 06, 2005



Primary concern right now should be energy - and in particular controlled fusion. With limitless, cheap energy, everything is possible, but without it, nothing is.


I agree than nuclear fusion is the Holy Grail but:

- most physicists whom I talk with are not optimistic about controlled fusion any time soon. This may imply only that this is more an engineering problem than a physics problem I mean we know what needs to happen but it is the engineering of the components that is unavailable not the physics per se.

- the Kurzweil-inspired article does not see energy as something needed in plenteous quantities in the nanotechnology world of the future. Manufacturing and food production would require much less energy than now. While this is a nice vision we should make our goal be this: produce at least as much energy as we do now with no imported oil.

For the present I think that the only solution is nuclear fission reactors. Conservation and some other long-neglected technologies such as flywheel storage of energy in off-peak hours are also appropriate.

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