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March 04, 2011


Larry Brunson

Somebody qualified please do the following. Write on an 8th grade level about details to improve the economy. Nobody is doing this. Instead we are just copying the politicians' mantras. For example, "Anything that creates jobs helps". This is a lie. There are many jobs that won't help because they don't either bring real wealth into the economy or reduce the debt (e.g. government jobs). We desperately need an articulation examining the different things the media has said will help. If we had this articulation the public would have known the Obama stimulus bill was doomed at the every start.

Dick Lepre


I agree with what you say. The starting point is to stop making believe that the government creates jobs. Jobs are created by a coming together of capital, labor and demand for a product or service. The most important thing government can do is stay out of the way.

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