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February 10, 2006



Japan / China / Germany / Syria / iran / etc is not now and has never been nor will be in the future the 51st or any other state. Their objectivces in life is diameterically opposed to our fundemental laws and way of life. We owe somewhere in the vicinity of * TRILLION that is 8 TRILLION dollars. These other countries are not our friend which is quite evident. They are our friends only as long as it is to their advantage. WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN EUROS ARE THE PAYMENT OF CHOICHE FOR OIL TRANSFERS?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THESE "so called friends" refuse to buy any more of the US debt? What happens when they call in all the debt that they hold on the US? HIGH VERY HIGH INFLATION, UNEMPLOYMENT, STOCK MARKET CRASH ETC.
These are not our friends. This BS about a global econmy will be our destruction...or to put it more accutrely the fact that "The borrower is SERVANT" TO THE LENDER IS 100% correct to the Nth degree. AND THE US IS THE BOROW.......

Dick Lepre

The comment about the 51st state was illusory. I do disagree about the nature of debtor and lender. If you owe a credit card company $1,000 they are in control. If someone lends you $1 billion they are, in my opinion, at your mercy. Apart from an international level this is revealed most often in cases such as commercial real estate debt.

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