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February 17, 2006


James Foster

Very interesting idea on the Council of Fiscal Authority. I would be interested in hearing what others think on this subject.

Thanks for the idea.


I agree that more control should be exerted. What you proposed is similar to having "medical cost reimbursement accounts" from which medical care payments are issued to care providers, instead what we have now (insurance payments made without consumer involvement.)


This seesm good to have a disinterested party review things. Maybe it works if the CFA reports to Congress that the total expenditures require a tax rate of a higher percent BEFORE the budget passes.

Not only might this reduce pork, but i9t might influence the President to find a funding source for administration policy.

For example, requiring the states to reissue drivers licenses for the REALID Act at great expense might fined the federal government realize their may be serious Constitutional and fiscal issues which combined mught significantly alter such a plan.

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