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October 27, 2006



Corporate America seems like such a poor choice to be stewards of our future given their track record this past decade. What then is the next best choice of investment if one wants a decent shot at making their money grow enough to allow for retirement before age 70? Real estate seems a poor substitute with the way people are saying property is overvalued in many places. International stock market perhaps? Love a few good alternative places to put my money, it just seems more and more like big business and our own government are not looking out for the public's best interests.

Peter Westre

In general you make good points. I think that one area that needs to be rexamined is the emphasis on returns to the shareholders without appropriate rewards and increases in compensation to the employees who make it possible for the corporation to make a profit. Placing the emphasis on rewards to shareholders increases inequity within society at the risk of loss of social stability.

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