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December 15, 2006


Alex Censor

Hi Dick,
You wrote, in part --
"...there are things which continue to mystify me. I think that first and foremost is why anyone cares about Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. I know that Paris Hilton had a TV program and seems to be able to get in the news weekly but the simple fact is that the is merely a famous nobody. I know that Britney Spears is a singer but, alas, I don't even know if I have ever heard anything that she has done. There is something to this entire issue of celebrities that I just don't get...."

Perhaps a few of us are aliens here abandoned on a planet of insane beings by our angry gods?

I share your puzzlement.
I'm only interested if by some coincidence the person happens to do somthing that is in-and-of-itself newsworthy. Not newsworthy because THEY did it. (Like the little known fact Hedy Lamar took out some patents on some sophisticated electronics.)

I believe this situation is summed up by some pundit (can't remember who) who wrote (about 30? years ago) "A celebrity is someone who is famous for being well-known."


Nats Jackson

You are 150% directly on target for the lack of informmation provided to the public. Instead it is filled with "trash" like Paris Hilton, Spears, Cruise, Sports and other totally worthless items.
Why isn't the media reporting on the;
* Budget * Deficit * Oil producing countries divesting themselves of dollar reserves and going to Euros, Chevas, (right in our back door with more oil reserves than all the middle east combined), alining himself with all our enemies. Individual debt and the consequences, etc etc. Constructive reporting of worth while information would be sufficient to last several life times instead it is worthless and I mean totally worthless junk reporting. We need to get off this political correct BS and get down to business before it is to late....
Just another item for the fun of it. As I understand the Federal Reserve stopped reporting M3 earlier this year. It makes you, (or at least it makes me), wonder why????
*** news effecting or way of life and the welfare of this nation is far more important than the trash being published by all medias. Then again people not knowing what is happening may be why this nation is in the shape it is in.

Dick Lepre


While I might still be puzzled as to why folks care about celebs I am in no way confused about M3 and why the Feds stopped the reporting thereof.

M3 was never important. What folks look at is M2. A detailed look may be found on my web site at

I must say that you may be onto someting with the way that you segue from celebs to financial information. The solution clearly is to have Pamela Anderson sponsor my web site. We can school those who want to find out about hot blondes with some info about the economy.

Dick Lepre

It gets worse. I found this today while surfing The Drudge Report. This is from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=423273&in_page_id=1770 which I presume is a British newspaper.

It "reveals" what is important to British kids under 10 years old.

Children under 10 think being a celebrity is the "very best thing in the world" but do not think quite as much of God, a survey has revealed.

The poll of just under 1,500 youngsters ranked "God" as their tenth favourite thing in the world, with celebrity, "good looks" and being rich at one, two and three respectively.

Their top 10 list:

1. Being a Celebrity
2. Good Looks
3. Being Rich
4. Being Healthy
5. Pop Music
6. Families
7. Friends
8. Nice Food
9. Watching Films
10. Heaven/God.

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