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September 25, 2008



wow- clear & concise, as usual, and far from the blather in Washington that will all but doom any meaningful, real solutions. This soup of greed, incompetence, polls & politics is being slowly stirred, with samples being dished out by a media that has a vested interest in peddling bad news


So, if the treasury turns a profit on the deal, are they going to cut my taxes? Or even reduce the national debt? Somehow, I suspect not, but I'd love to see that as part of the plan.

Dick Lepre

What Treasury does with any profit is part of the normal fiscal budget process. My point is that it increases Treasury revenue. I would certainly not suggest that the bill at hand make any suggestion as to what to do consequent to this profit.


Where in the Constitution is our Government authorized to buy debt or go in the mortgage business? This is socialism with a capital S!

Dick Lepre

There is nothing in the Constitution that authorized the Space Program, HUD or the Interstate Highway system. The Constitution sets the powers of Congress, the administration and the courts. The point then is that Bush needs, under the Constitution, the approval of Congress to do this.

That process is what makes this Constitutional.

Is this "socialism?" I suppose so but I would call it "socialism" with a small "s" because it is the intent of the government to get out of this ASAP.


Mr. Lepre,

The Constitution of These United States is quite restrictive in both the powers it gives
and the restrictions it places on the three branches of the Government.

The U.S Constitution Article 1, Section 8 specifically authorizes "post roads". This meant roads to service military posts. Dwight Eisenhower used these two words to build the Federal Highway system. He used the "cold war" as his excuse to nationalize our highways.

Congress used their powers under Section 8 (to arm and equip the military) for the space program. This is why all early astronauts were military officers.

HUD refers to FDR's Housing Act of 1937 and it's various amendments under Presidents LBJ and Carter. This Act and it's amendments created housing subsidies. Socialism is the only way to describe this Act. FDR, LBJ and Carter would all agree.

Please read the 1st sentence of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. "The Congress shall have the Power To---" (then we have a list of very specific Power To's.)

Now, please go to the last paragraph of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Pretty clear intent. Basically--if it isn't mentioned, Congress can't do it. The 10th Amendment confirms this.

While visiting with my Republican U.S Senator I asked about one of his votes. Told him I believed his vote was in violation of his Oath to support and defend the Constitution. He said "everything we do in Washington is "unconstitutional".

Your vested interest in solving the real estate mess in California is understandable. I can relate to your concerns. I manufacture a product for homes. I am a "victim" too. Government caused this mess.

The only way government can help is with the alacrity with which it gets out of the way.

Thanks, Bob

Dick Lepre

Article 1 Section 8 says that Congress has the right:

"To borrow money on the credit of the United States."

That borrowing is not therein qualified.

Your thesis that this was unconstitutional would be relevant if the President tried this without Congressional authorization.

Marla Vail

Thank you for spelling it out simply. Perhaps you need to take a trip to DC and tell them they need you, to explain to the "average joe" what they bungled trying to say.

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