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May 07, 2010


Manhattan Mold Removal

Impending? I think it's here.

Frank B

The solution is VERY simple, though not necessarily easy.

First principle: the burden should be borne by people and businesses to the extent they CAN -- and perhaps more importantly -- DESERVE to bear it.

Cut spending everywhere such cuts do not take away aid people need to live an adequate existence in absence of such aid or have a serious negative impact on public health, the environment, or rule of law.

The government need not meddle in so many aspects of people's activities. Especially where people don't WANT such intervention.

Then adjust the PERSONAL tax rates of those who can AFFORD to pay more (e.g., individuals who net more than, say, 70K per year, after standard deductions) to balance the budget and pay the debt down.

Even if one doesn't care one whit about PEOPLE, taxing the poor more would have horrible spin-off effects, such as higher crime, incarceration rates, property abandonment, insurance costs, etc.

As a resident of the Detroit area, I've seen what happens when the bottom falls out of an economy, and it ain't pretty.

As for business taxes, change them from being so strictly profit based, to being more operationally-based, with aggressive credits for things that HELP the country -- such as hiring workers for well paying jobs and operating more green and clean.

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