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September 17, 2010



I believe that a return or clear signs of beginning to return to fiscal responsibility will inspire confidence and thus attract investment. Our government's current "strategy" of spending money like a teenager with a new credit card from some rich uncle is not lost on "investors". Our financial system has been running on inertia for some time now. That will end! When? How?

Omama speaks of fixing our education system or we will fall from first place. We fell from first place (per capita GDP) 40 years ago. We need to wake up. We can so it! But first we must admit we have a problem.


The fact that you are still quoting Greenspan as if he should be listened too shows that you still don't get it and probably never will.

Dick Lepre

Unless I suddenly forgot what I wrote I was dismissing what Greenspan said as his "being confused." His statements made no sense.

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