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March 18, 2011


James Studley


Makes way to much sense for Congress to agree or the president. But it is another great idea falling on deaf ears; thanks for keeping "hope" alive. Without vision we will certainly perish, keep up the vision for us needing hope that our country survives.

1. We are talking about removing their "power" real or make believe they will never do it.

2. Ego. Imagine their thoughts, "Of course we can figure this out we created it didn't we?"

Emil Wisekal

The moment I heard about the recommendations of the commission late last year, I thought "Hey, this could work! They don't leave any stone unturned."

I think that the commission was formed so that people couldn't say "Nobody in government took this seriously". But the Administration and Congress are NOT taking it seriously. Where is the forward motion toward getting this their recommendations turned into law?

I think people like you and me have to raise their voices and demand that action be taken here, and taken now.

Portfolio Analysis

There is no doubt that the current recovery is gathering momentum., however fragile it is. The risk going forward is the risk of political battle over raising the debt ceiling could topple the positive sentiment.


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